Skip CoffeeScript option


I’m teaching rails to beginners.

And i have seen many people are confused to understanding difference between CoffeeScript and Javascript at first.

So i added ‘–skip-coffee’ generating option.

it’ll be like this

rails new awesome-project --skip-coffee


what do you think about this?

I think it’s fine to take a special path to teaching Rails based on your teaching style and your students. You can skip CoffeeScript or anything else that helps accomplish that. All good.

(BTW, this mailing list is for discussing the development of the framework, not its use or teaching. Please use rubyonrails-talk going forward for similar topics. Thanks!)

Hi DHH. Thank you for your comment!

I posted it as specified in the CONTRIBUTING document in order to send PR.(


2016년 6월 1일 수요일 오후 10시 52분 39초 UTC+9, 님의 말:

Personally I wouldn’t mind it if there were simply a --bare-bones flag that generated new apps without any gems whatsoever (except of course the Rails gem itself), as well, without all those comments I don’t need in my Gemfile.

Just my 2¢

I quite agree with you.

Many developers don’t matter whether some options are added to command. Because it’s just the option, not the default.

But it must helps to someone. In this case, i’m sure that it helps to newbs.

Thank you for your comment!

2016년 6월 1일 수요일 오후 10시 52분 39초 UTC+9, 님의 말: