Skill levels and training joint venture

Is there anyone on this group who thinks they are a Ruby programmer and learned Ruby as their first computer language?

I can pick up a book on any language and follow it except Ruby. And most Ruby tutorials or books will say they assume the reader has computer experience. And I once wrote a 70 page VB program that is still being used by the State of Ca after 15 years.

If a book doesn’t say it they assume it anyway by the third chapter even the “beginning” books.

I have come to the conclusion that Ruby is a programming language only for experienced computer programmers. So far.

If there is one person that answers yes then I will have hope.

Would any kind soul (ie programmer) want to joint venture on writing a course for non-programmers? I would do the writing, PDFing and of course the beta testing. I have the desire to learn and the non-knowledge necessary. I wrote one technical manual and edited one training video.

I will pay the hosting fees to sell the course and I would like to do it by goals. Each session will have a goal. If the student cannot achieve this goal they could get a refund. I have no idea on what to charge, something to discuss. I would like to have a quality product so my first thought is $50 per goal. If there were such a product I would buy it and not write it.

It would not be one massive book or tutorial. We would do one goal at a time, after each one we market it and move on to the next one.

I am in the So Calif area.

I know there have been a few on this group who would benefit from this.

you can respond to me at ez24hours @ yahoo dot com


you should had learn a computer programming language like C/C++ java and such... ruby should be very easy *very* easy coming from that side.. but VB........ :wink:

Roger Berger escribió:

Have you seen this book?

Learn to program, using Ruby. A perfect match! :slight_smile: