Singular resources with plural names

So, I have:

    Tune.has_many :tags, :through => :taggings     Tune.has_many :taggings

    Tag.has_many :tunes, :through => :taggings     Tag.has_many :taggings

    Tagging.belongs_to :tune     Tagging.belongs_to :tag

(It's a bit more polymorphic than that, but...)

I have a TagsController which is mostly about accessing tag clouds rather than editing the taggings of a particular tune, and I have a TaggingsController which I would like to wire up using map.resource because, although a tune's 'taggings' resource is a collection, the things in the collection won't/can't be accessed individually - it makes more sense for the user to manipulate the collection as a whole. However, when I do

map.resources :tunes do |tune|   tune.resource :taggings end

Rails singularizes 'taggings' and gives me paths like:


I'd really like to be able to force resource to leave 'taggings' alone when it starts making paths, but :singular doesn't work for the 'resource' method.

Before I go ahead and write a patch, I just want to get a feel for whether others want this, and if they do, which of

    tune.resource :taggings, :singular => 'taggings'


    tune.resource :taggings, :singularize_path => false

people prefer. I think I lean towards the second option...

tune.resource :tagging, :as => 'whatever_floats_your_boat'

HTH, Trevor

tune.resource :tagging, :as => 'whatever_floats_your_boat'



Indeed it does. Thanks.