Single 'add_index' line in migration file produces multiple 'add_index' lines in my schema. (??)

I’m a newbie to Rails, and to this Group - just putting that out there.

Here’s my question:

I have a migration file for a new table, and at the end of the file I added the line:

add_index: :table_name, :name

I was trying to generate an index on a single column in my database.

But after running rake db:migrate … I see 3 add_index lines added to my schema.rb file.

There’s one for the :name column of the table, but rails seems to have also generated an add_index line for each column in the table.

Strange. Anyone have ideas on this?

Thank you!

If you leave out your add_index do all three disappear?
Which version of Rails are you running?


What a coincidence. I just ran rails g model, and each field was duplicated.