Simplest way to "redirect" an email message

My email program has a "redirect" function that re-sends an email message to someone else but doesn't modify the body and headers - so the resent message appears just like it did the first time. If I receive a message and redirect it to my friend Joe, he still sees "To: Joshua Baer" in the headers.

Any idea what is the simplest way to do this with ROR? I was trying to use Net::SMTP but while it works for simple text messages it is failing on more complex multipart MIME messages.

from = to = mail = tmail.to_s Net::SMTP.start(SMTP_server, 25) do |smtp|       smtp.send_message mail, from, to end

Is this the right approach if I'm starting with an mbox style message parsed out with RMail::mailbox::MBoxReader?