Simple Tree view code required

Hi all,

Being a newbie in Ruby, I'm really fed up trying almost all the available tree examples in net like YUI Tree, dhtmlxTree, LiveTree in vain. None of them worked for me. Could anyone please give me a simple example (preferably end-to-end) of Tree view? Requirements: 3 levels of items, Data may be fetched from more than 1 table.

Please help me...

Tony Puthenveettil

What didn't work about them? What was lacking?

Eric wrote:

What didn't work about them? What was lacking?

On Feb 23, 10:06�pm, Tony Puthenveettil <rails-mailing-l...@andreas-

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response.

For instance, I was blindly following Sonjaya Tandon's wonderful doc (1). It gave me no error and no result as well (just a blank area instead of tree list). So is the case with Christopher Haupt's doc (2). I do know, issue is with me, but fail to identify.

It would be very helpful if you can give me a simple working example, be static data (say, Array).

1. 2.

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Tony Puthenveettil