Simple question

I'm just getting started with Rails, and as a simple task I wanted to rehost my website from bare html/apache to Rails.

What's a typical name for the controller for the main page of the website? Rails wants to pluralize it be default... Normally I'd name it after the table in the database it relates to, but for our web site, with no database behind it, that just doesn't seem correct.



Ryan Bates has a Railscast about this, showing you how to go from static file service to files plus database for these sorts of "static" pages.

What I have done in the past is to create a PagesController (empty), and then place my static pages in the views/pages folder. They Just Work™ from there. If you fiddle the routing, you can remove the /pages/ segment from the URL, too.


Nice tip - thanks. I notice that Ryan uses this in his routes file:

map.with_options :controller => 'info' do |info|   info.about 'about', :action => 'about' 'contact', :action => 'contact'   info.privacy 'privacy', :action => 'privacy' end

Is that still valid in a 3.0/3.1 Rails environment?


Should be, I just did something following that recipe for my wife's site. It's a combo static/dynamic Rails 3.0.10 site.


Technically I think it should still work but it’s even easier in 3

match ‘about’, :to => ‘info#about’, :as => :about

match ‘contact’, :to => ‘info#contact’, :as => :contact

match ‘privacy’, :to => ‘info#privacy’, :as => :privacy