simple image_tag getting an erroneous parameter added to output

I have been everywhere I can think to find an answer
to this problem.

One of my web pages has a simple image_tag entry in
a very straight-forward table.

<td><img src='<%= image_tag(granite_type.thumbnail) %>'></td>

The value of this field is bordeaux_noveaux.jpg.

but the result in the html is

     <td><img src='<img alt="Bordeaux_noveaux" src="/images/bordeaux_noveaux.jpg?1203180811" />'></td>

I have no idea where that option "?1203180811" is coming
from or even what it means.

I have done extensive searches on the web and read
the source code for image_tag. I can't seem to figure this

I figured it out. I didn't need to use image_tag.
The following worked fine. Didn't need the image_url
either but thought it was a little cleaner.

    <% image_url = granite_type.thumbnail %>
    <td><img src='<%= image_url %>'></td>

did you consider <%= image_tag(granite_type.thumbnail) %> ?

the params added (1204180811) are the datetime of the file encoded - to help with caching.


Thank you Jodi.

That was even better and now I understand everything that was