Simple check_box


I'm trying create a simple check_box that if checked include a hidden_field, but I haven't success.

Something like this:     <p class="field"></p>     <%= check_box_tag(:patrono, value = "1", checked = false, options = {}) %>     <%= f.label "Patrono" %>     <% if :patrono.checked == true %>       <%= f.hidden_field "tipo_componente_ids][", { :id => "tipo_componente_ids", :value => } %>     <% end %>     <p/>

Thanks for help!


You have to write javascript function within the check_box_tag in order to verify whether the checkbox is checked or not and then enable the hidden field if it is checked.

Saravanan K


use jQuery and then

= f.hidden_field_tag "hidden_field", "value", { :id => "hidden_field"} = f.check_box_tag "name", 1,false, {:id => "my_checkbox"}

jQuery('#my_checkbox').bind('click', function() {   jQuery('#hidden_field').attr('disabled', !jQuery(this).attr('checked')); }

when field is disabled, it's not taken into account when form is sent

PS: if not using jQuery, it's simple to do with DOM too, just add :onClick='disableField()' to the checkbox and function disableField() {   document.getElementById('hidden_field').disabled = !document.getElementById('my_checkbox').checked;        return false; }