Showing uploads using

Hi guys,

Pardon for my newness to Rails and javascript jargon and things, I'm
having a problem displaying uploads using

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

  var path = '/uploads/<%= @myfile.filename %>';

  $('.container').html("<a class='media' href='" + path +

    width: 400,
    height: 300

So when I change the path to a static URL it works but not with this
dynamic fanciness you see above. The uploader is fine and I'm able to
point to one of the uploads and it works. Maybe its a syntax thing? I'm
not sure what other kind of code I need to post but anyways, I'd love
for some tips or feedback. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You mean that this:

var path = ‘/uploads/<%= @myfile.filename %>’;

is not working? does your file ends in js.erb?


Javier Quarite wrote in post #1039785:

I thought that code were on a separate file

have you tried using link_to inside the html? in order to avoid that path variable…