Should I make plugin tests project-independent?


I'm working on a patch for the official auto_complete plugin. I
noticed that a lot of the new plugins (e.g. acts_as_tree) are set up
to be testable outside of a rails project. Is this now considered best
practice? If so I'll make that change while I'm working on the plugin.


Yes. However, there is no real official way to do it.

At some point there may be an official plugin_test_helper you'll be
able to require. Maybe I'll look into this kind of thing this week.

I think it's preferable if you can assume that the rails gem is
available. Some kind of plugin test helper would indeed be pretty
nice though. Have it check for vendor/rails or a specific GEM version
(or not, if it's an edge-only plugin).

Thanks for the quick response, Josh and Rick.


We released a plugin/gem that provides support for this type of thing:

We use it in many of our own plugins.

I should mention here are a few examples of its usage (besides the