Should I install ruby 1.9?

the batman wrote:

I've updated rails to 2.3.2, should I update ruby to 1.9?

What are the advantages/disadvantages in doing so?

I'd recommend doing your best to match whatever your expected deployment
environment will be. If that's Ruby 1.9 then it would probably be best
to develop and test under 1.9.

Personally I'm not deploying Rails applications yet, I just use Rails
for developing prototypes. We are unfortunately a Java shop. My interest
in Ruby on Rails is for my own personal development, but I don't
currently have anything to deploy.

I'm also on Mac OS X Leopard and using the Apple supplied Ruby. It's
working great in my case so there's no reason for me to change yet. I'll
just be waiting on Ruby 1.9 to become the de-facto standard, which I
expect to happen when most of the popular gems have been proven to work
well with 1.9.