Should be obvious, but how do I even know what versions of ruby are available for rvm to use with rvm install?

I’m getting back to learning rails and at one point I used rvm to install some rubies. Now I’m playing dumb and want to install the latest ruby version - latest beta. How in the world do I found out the name of it? I’d think it would be named somewhere here and then I could just do rvm install ruby-XYZ. I don’t get where I find out what versions are available (other than the latest stable?) The rails site mentions some but are those always the full version names you install? When I do rvm list I get:

rvm rubies

ruby-1.8.7-p299 [ x86_64 ]
=> ruby-1.9.2-preview3 [ x86_64 ]
ruby-head [ x86_64 ]

So at some point I must have installed ruby -1.9.2-preview3 but HOW did I know it was preview3? (I’m sure I just saw it in a post or tutorial somewhere, but this should be listed somewhere official shouldn’t it?)


Hay Rick,

why using rvm? I think it is too much complicated. Try this: c:/ruby>gem install rails --include-dependencies

And this will install the latest stable version of rails and dependencies. If you need any older version you can do it later also.

All the best

Because I have some old rails2 apps (not mine) but I want to work with them and rvm allows me to switch what I’m using easily.

I have no problems with rvm, I just can’t figure out how I know what versions are available to install:)

I am also using rails 2.3.2 and I use gem to install rails the older version. First install ruby from the repository and then install rails using gem, install mysql or any database adapter. this is the flow I actually followed. If you want then please let me know which version of rails you want to install then I will be give you the full console command for installing the desire version.

Best Wishes “Shuvecha”

That is ok for versions of rails below 3, but if you want to have
rails 3 and also earlier versions I believe that rvm is the simplest


Yes, definitely! Using RVM also prevent many problems in the future
when you will update.

Answer for the main question:
"How in the world do I found out the name of it?"
Check it on Github, releases are tagged.

You made a very good decision with RVM,
good luck,

For the OP, try:

   rvm list known

to see all your choices (and even then I think that you can give a suffix of -rXXX to get revision XXX from the repository).


Rob Biedenharn