shopping cart help

Why wouldn't you have another link/button that reads "Add to Wishlist"
and when the buyer clicks on it, the item is added to the list.
You will need a table for a wishlist with 2 colums: id and customer_id
and a table for wishlist_items with these columns:
      t.column :product_id, :integer
      t.column :cart_id, :integer
      t.column :price, :float
      t.column :amount, :integer
      t.column :created_at, :datetime

then your relationships should be:
  has_many :cart_items
  has_many :products, :through => :cart_items
  belongs_to :custome

  has_one: wishlist

Then, you can add the items from the session to the wishlist.

How to add the functionality to move the items in the cart to the
wishlist, I still not sure how to do (new to rails as well).
But the above works for me, so the items in the cart stay till the
next time the customer logs in (with the use of an authentication