Setup Question

I was trying to use httperf to do some benchmarking on my server and the
results were pretty dismal - very low connection /response rates and
lots of 5xx values. While there was some other stuff running on the
machine, its at least a dual core 2.6ghz with 6gb ram and it generally
never goes above 1-2% cpu usage so there is a lot of slack.

Its a (suse) LAMP machine with RoR running under a vhost. A coworker did
the initial setup, but I'm looking to tweak things as they are starting
to get a little slow for the users.

The command I use in a start up script
mongrel_rails start -d -e production -p 3000 -n 8 -c /wwwroot/path

I choose the n=8 from something I read over on .. can't recall the exact page
but there was an estimate for 8-12 processors. Figured it couldn't

Actually it can.

We found that 4 was our sweet spot. 5 was too many.