Setting updated_at in database.

  I have an 'updated_at' field in events table. Whenever I am creating
an event it gets set to But I don't want to set current time
in it. But I want to set another time. How should I do that? I tried
like this:-

event.updated_at="2008-02-02 03:35:11".

Still it not working.
Can anyone tell me how to do that?

You can't without executing the sql directly, because updated at is

you can try overriding the method that is setting the updated_at
attribute. take a look at this (which is the first hit google found
for me on that subject):

Think about why you want to do this. The updated_at column is an automatic column that is meant to provide the date and time the entry was last modified.
If you need to set a different date/time, why not create a new field with a new name and then set it manually or you can auto set it in a before_save method with your own business logic.