Setting up your MacBook for ROR

I am getting my new MacBook today and was wondering if the experts on
this list might have some tips and pointers about what they do to set up
their Macs as a RubyonRails dev machine?

I come from a windows background and some of this is essential there.
But in the case of Macs do you recommend,

* installing the OS from scratch
* adding/removing any default applications from the install
* any other system/OS level tuning

I do intend to use the Hivelogic/Geoffrey Grosenbach's tips to get the
Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Mongrel setup done. Suggestions/comments welcome.

This is an updated "version" of Hivelogic's instructions, but uses Mongrel instead of Lighttpd, adds in rmagick and memcache, etc...

It's 99% copy paste too which is nice :slight_smile:

Tom De grunt wrote:

I personally like the MacPorts/DarwinPorts way of doing things:

I'd second this method, I also jotted down a quick reference for how I
setup my MacBook Pro for Rails coding.