setting the selected value in select helper

I have the follwoing select in my view

<%= select('role', 'name', Role::DEFAULT_COMPANY_NAMES, { :prompt => l(:select_a_role) }, {:style => 'width:150px;'}) %>

<%= select('role', 'company_id', @company_choices, { :prompt => l(:select_a_company) }, {:style => 'width:200px;'}) %></p>

on first display I have the prompt, Ok but when the user forget to select one of 2 seeltions, I would like to redisplay the already selected one...

I tried         @role_name = params[:role][:name]         @role_company_id = params[:role][:company_id] before redisplay but no pre-selctiuon is being made ( because of the prompt... ??)



this works on your model. so you need something like @role = => params[:role][:name], :company_id => params[:role][:company_id])

yes .. I see , need to eliminate the prompt..