Setting Session Variables in Integration Tests

All I want to do is set a session variable when I make a request.
Here's my code:

class ProjectIntegrationTest < ActionController::IntegrationTest
def test_truth
   user = user_for_test

def user_for_test
   open_session do |thing|
     def user.access_project_index_page

Actually it is the above line that is raising the exception - there is
no user variable / method in scope here.
This code lois pretty strange - are you really trying to define
singleton methods on users?


I'm pretty new to integration testing and I'm not sure how to define
tests. I saw an example of someone doing it this way, so that's the way
I formed mine. What is the best way to write a normal test that allows
me to set the "user_id" session variable so that the "get" can
successfully happen?


Frederick Cheung wrote: