Setting in 'setup' of functional tests borked in revision 8392

Please tell me if this has nothing to do on the rails core list. I
have a feeling it does, though ; )

I'm making an app that's using subdomains to authenticate. Hence, I
set to something other than "" - e.g.

However, changeset 8392 doesn't let me set that. Here's a pastie that
should explain what happens:

In changeset 8391, everything works as expected. Should I do something
other than Or is it indeed failing?

Btw, e.g. @request.path= (and all other setters) is not settable

I wish I could provide a patch, but I have no idea what's going on =P

The subject of this post should have been: "'setup' method not called
in functional tests". Doing something like "raise 'lol'" in the
'setup' method doesn't raise on every test like one would expect it do

I think there are two edge cases running head to head. You shouldn't
have to call 'super' to use the @request variable, so it looks like it
has to do with that #tests class method. Normally the tests have
@request = .... in the setup, so super isn't needed. Nor would it
really do anything. I've passed this on to brynary, who contributed
the patch in [8392], to see if we can get a solution that doesn't
involve rolling back code.

Added a ticket for this now, after some chatter in #rubyonrails.

Next time, I'll be patient and wait for an answer in #rails-contrib,
was sorta pointless to post this is the list as well (I guess).