Set Ruby Version in Rails Application

Does anyone know if it is possible to set the ruby version (and thus
the rails version) within a rails app? Say I have 2 versions of ruby
installed on my machine and version 1 is set in the path, but I want
to use version 2 for this particular app. Can I set that in the path
or does that have to be set for the whole system?

With rvm this becomes trivially simple …

Install rvm from

In the root dir of each of your applications, set a .rvmrc file with e.g.

rvm use 1.9.3

and your done. When you cd into that directory, rvm will pick set-up

the ruby version you wanted to use in that directory.



Coincidentally that is the same answer I gave when you asked the same
question a couple of days ago. Rather than asking the question again
(presumably in the hope of other options) you would have been better
to continue the same thread and ask for further options if rvm does
not do what you want.


Sorry, I didn't mean to ask the same question again...when I clicked
the link in my email it said it was gone and I couldn't find it.
Sorry! And thanks for your answer! You are the best!