Set Default Radio Button Value (html)

Is there a way to set the default value of a radio button that is coded in html with the value from an object? I am trying to set up an edit view for this object and am using submit_to_remote, so I cannot use the rails radio button helper. These are my radio buttons:

<input id="personal_block_option" type="radio" name="event [block_avail]" value="true" checked="checked">       <input id="personal_block_option" type="radio" name="event [block_avail]" value="false">

I have an object: @object, is there any way to set the checked to the @object.block_avail value?

I think I got it figured out, I ended up writing a small javascript function that finds the radio button by a unique id and sets its value accordingly:

  $(RadioId).checked = true;