I tried to understand what a "session" means in Ruby on Rails, and found this site:

But, really, I couldn't get the idea well yet. Can you just explain what "session" means mire further?



a Session is a semi-permanent interactive information interchange, it is usually created upon the entry or login on the website, and destroyed upon levaing or logout, in rails by convention you may save the session id on the database, but basically once someone enters the website it has a session and in the session you can store values like session[:xkcd] = “funny cartoon” in one page, and after a few actions and interactions over the website , you can acess it for example like, a=session[:xkcd].

a Session normally is statefull and is unique for each user and its token serves as a unique identifier that is sent from a server to a client to identify the current interaction session.

erg… hope it’s usefull information.

Thanks a lot Rui for your message.