Session variable error

Hii guys!

I'm new to ROR...
I have a helpter in my rails APP with 2 classes inside it

There's a method that needs to set a session variable, but I'm getting
an error
def send_upload_request(entry)
    some code here
    xmldoc = XmlSimple.xml_in(data)
    @upload_token = xmldoc['token'].to_s
    @upload_url = xmldoc['url'].to_s
    session["upload_token"] = @upload_token # here raises the
    session["upload_url"] = @upload_url

I'm getting the following error message:

undefined local variable or method `session' for

The session only matters for controllers and views. The models don't
have access to the session hash unless you explicitly pass variables

It looks like you are mixing up controller logic from model logic.