Session timeout in rails 3

Hi all,

Iam having a requirement where a user who has logged in to my site is
idle for 5 minutes, then they should automatically redirect back to
login page.

Im using devise. But its timeoutable is not working. I also looked at
using session in config. It also dint help.

Please anyone help me in this.

Hi Angel,
            Devise will expire session in the time that you put in
'config/initializers/devise.rb' with

config.timeout_in = 5.minutes

but this won't redirect your app automatically to the login page, so,
you would need some javascript function to solve this. You should try
to implement some like an automatic redirection after expire some time
(minutes, hours, etc)

Here there is some that helped me to solve a task similar as yours.

I hope this helps.

See ya.


Alternatively, just include a meta-refresh tag in every page pointing to
your login page, with the appropriate timeout as the refresh interval.

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1038883:

So true. We were asked this question for some freelance work a few years back, in fact, they insisted on having that "feature" for security reasons. It took them exactly one week to beg us to take it away again. 5 minutes pass so quickly: you have a phone call, you get a coffee and bump into a colleague, …

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

But the "how to" remains a valid question, regardless of whether it's
5 minutes, 30 minutes or 24 hours :slight_smile: