Session not working - new session being created for each request

I stored data in 'session' , but the next request from the same machine and browser is not able to access that info. cookies is turned on in my browser.(im using IE6).

I'm using database for session storage. i noticed that a new session is being created for each request that comes from the browser. this should be the reason why im not able to retrieve my data, in the next request.

But y so? why a new session is being vreated for every request from the same browser, same machine, same domain?

i tried grepping my entire project for 'reset_session' . i haven't used it anywhere.

Tried tracing the code, used breakpoints. The control flow does not touch any session initialization code.

Do you have cookies disabled in your browser?


Unni wrote:

i checked the cookies so many times already now :slight_smile:

Bill, cookie file is being saved in machine, i am able to view it. but it gets updated everytime a new request is sent to the server.

Is it just being updated every time, or is session data being lost?


data is being lost. session is working exactly the same way as if im sending each request from a different machine.

Ok, one last thought. What is the expires field of the cookie being set to? Is it somehow getting set to a time in the past? Even if it’s being set to the current time, that would cause it to expire before the next request.


Unni wrote: