Session being lost before TwitterOauth callback

I'm building something like a multi-twitter-feed-manager, using the
TwitterOauth plugin to handle authorization with Twitter. Before
redirecting to Twitter, I add some data to the session. When Twitter
redirects to the callback, the session is empty. Can anyone explain

Here's the controller.

class TwitterAuthorizationsController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @authorization =
    @authorization.prepare_session session

    #this correctly prints out the session
    puts "TwitterAuthorizationsController#new session #

    redirect_to @authorization.url

  def callback
    #and here it's empty
    puts "TwitterAuthorizationsController#callback session #

    @authorization =
    @authorization.authorize session

And here's the model:

class TwitterAuthorization < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :twitter_authentications

  def initialize
    @client = =>
'**********************',:consumer_secret => '******************')

  def request
    @request_token = @client.request_token(:oauth_callback => 'http://')

  def authorize session
    puts "DEBUG session #{session.to_json}"
    @access_token = @client.authorize(
                                      :oauth_verifier => params
    if @client.authorized?
      access_token = @access_token.token
      secret_token = @access_token.secret

  def prepare_session session
    session[:request_token] = @request_token.token
    session[:request_token_secret] = @request_token.secret

  def url