serving static content with rails

I have a website that is a good mix of dynamic and static content.
There are also a lot of pages where just a little bit of it is
dynamic, like displaying if a user is logged in or other personal
touches. I also want to be able to add more dynamic parts to static
pages as needed without having to move the page to a different
location (from /public to app/views/someview). Being able to use the
layouts is one big motivator here, as the header section has quite a
bit of content and right now it's just included in the top of about 50
static pages. The site in question isn't going to be getting all that
much traffic. Maybe 100,000 hits or so per day once it gets rolling.

One more thing I'd like to do is to have rails render .html files, and
also be able to keep the full filename in the url. This is a 'would
be nice to have but not required' feature.

I found the following info which looks like what I'm after:

Anyone else done something similiar?


A bit off topic but related. Our web developers all use dreamweaver.
Using things like layouts to render a header/footer always creates
problems for our designers. What is the most efficient way to use
dreamweaver when the file you are uploading does not contain the
header/footer sections?