Server asking web service

As a relative noob I have a fairly basic question.

The following scenario is entirely fictional.

Lets say I have a RoR website called .

Occasionally a client of submits a URI that requests that a very intense computation get done.

I have another website called . It is able to do the computation very very quickly .. less than 1/10 of a second so there is no reason to do an asynchronous request.

So I want to pass along the request that came to to (but, perhaps, massaging the request a little bit). I then want to wait for the response and pass the response (perhaps a bit massaged by the RoR code at back to 's client.

Question: How would the RoR code on request this info from while processing the request from the client and do it all synchronously? That is, what RoR functionality would I use to make all this happen?

Ralph Shnelvar

Not Rails, Ruby: Index of Classes & Methods in net/http: Ruby Standard Library Documentation (Ruby 1.9.3)