Serializing - Deserializing a data structure in RoR

Hi. I have a data structure, with arrays and hashes, with several data types inside. For instance:


:conditions => [ ‘stand_id = ?’ , 1],
:limit => 10,

:offset => 10

I want to serialize this structure in a string, to be stored , then another day in other session I would like to restore it exactly as it is, for instance symbols remain symbols, arrays remain arrays, hashes remain hashes and so on for other data types. How can I do that in Ruby / RoR?

Thanks, Vinicius

Serializing is called 'Marshalling' in Ruby.

Marshalling is not at all difficult in Ruby, check for example

You could also use YAML to do the same, see

Let's say you want to put this in = s.to_yaml

Pretty easy.

Now you've retrieved myobject from the database and you want to load s
with the stuff that's serialized in foo.

s = YAML::load(