SEO-friendly urls: Replacing the '-' with '%20'

Assuming I'm reading you correctly -- which appears to be that you
want a recipe called 'Rice and Cheese' to become a url of '/recipes/
rice-and-cheese' -- then you want something like the PermalinkFu
plugin ( )
by Rick Olsen.

With that you can add (to the Recipe model):

has_permalink :name


def to_param; permalink; end

Then add a permalink column with a migration and replace the
Recipe.find(params[:id]) with Recipe.find_by_permalink(params[:id]) in
your RecipeController.

PermalinkFu takes care of converting all the spaces to dashes, as well
as removing other non-word characters and also does a UTF-8 to ascii
translation, so your creme brulée recipe would have a permalink of /

Alternately, assuming that you meant query literally -- or if
permalink_fu is too much, then yes. The way to handle it would be in
the Controller or Model rather than in the routes. Probably the
easiest way is to call split("-") on the params[:id] (or whatever your
route supplies) and then do an appropriate find from there.