Senior Motivated Front-End Ruby Guy SF DIRECT HIRE

Ruby on Rails Engineer
We're looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer with top-notch
software design and coding skills, ideally with knowledge of jQuery. Our
stack includes Ruby, Rails, Javascript, ElasticSearch, and MySQL and we
prefer generalists who have lots of successes at every layer of the
What you’ll be doing:
• Architect, build, test and refine new products and services
• Develop and expand infrastructure to process many millions of page
views and transactions with fault-tolerance and predictability
• Tackle a wide variety of coding problems throughout the stack – we
all work on everything
• Brainstorm and prototype new concepts and approaches fast. Turn
prototypes into real things
• Troubleshoot and maintain production and testing environments.
Contribute to diagnosing and solving performance issues whenever the
• Be a team player in a flat-structured, highly collaborative
• Make Assistly a primary focus of your life
The ideal candidate:
• Ambitious, driven, and talented individual who wants to work on
significant, game-changing problems
• Able to design and write well-structured, easily maintainable,
well-documented code that balances beauty and pragmatism
• Strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails and strength in all the Rails
• Demonstrable track record building distributed, clustered,
high-throughput applications that can really scale
• Background in building highly scalable applications designed for n+1
clustering with minimal downtime
• Demonstrable knowledge of Javascript and CSS (preferably leveraging
• Solid SQL skills, preferable with MySQL
• Experience squeezing out milliseconds out of rails to make blazing
• Ability to create well-designed API’s – we’d love to hear about your
favorites and why they are great
• Knowledge of search frameworks such as ElasticSearch
• Experience with user-centered interaction design
• Proficient in both Linux (production) and Mac OSX (development)
environments preferred
• Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EBS, etc.) preferred

Motivated Ruby on Rails Expert

Pedigree not important, looking for expert in ruby on rails expert could
have 2-3 years of solid ruby on rails experience to take ownership of
front end, must have design background to be helpful with the UI. This
job is a hard core coder, to OWN THE CODE. Everyone touches design, but
this person will be hard core coder
to OWN THE CODE. Everyone touches design, but this person will be hard
core coder.

Interview process: Phone with CTO, then OPS, and then live.
HIRED: Will spend first week on the job with CTO in NY learning code,
doing some code review and then in 3 weeks taking ownership of new code.
Person really doesn't interface with customers, but if huge desire could
make it happen.

Position is in SF, but would consider NY

Company Info:

Business is customer service software providing software that supports
great customer servicde for anyone who does work on the web or customer
support via web, chat, texting, voice, social channels, etc....
Started in October 2009

Founders have been working together 15 years, this is their 4th start
up, been leading in their technology since 96, this is their 3rd time in
this space but are refining and applying new better technology and
having huge success with customers. Know industry how competition sales,
etc.. Have had big success with clients liek YELP, Pandora, 37 figures,
etc... Founders have had previous succes, know the space, have good
traction, good backing, nobody needs to worry about company not being
around in 6 months or a year.

email michelle at peritoeleven dot com