Sending & Recieving Mail

I have written a mailer, when i call:

MyMailer.deliver_welcome("Name", "" )

I successfully send an email to the address that i specify.

I have written a mail recieving client that lives in MyMailer called
recieve. I can successfully recieve mail with it.

I am trying to write a "Thanks for the message, we have received it"
email that replies back the sender of an email. But this line of code
inside of my MyMailer does not work:

  def receive(email)
    MyMailer.deliver_welcome("Name", "" )

Both pieces of code work great separately, but when i try to call the
deliver_welcome method from within the ActionMailer model i created, for
some reason it never executes or never executes-properly.

Rails 2.2.2, Ruby 1.8.6, any insight would be tremendously helpful!

This is just a wild guess, but did you try to call the method like
this instead?

def receive(email)
  deliver_welcome("Name", "" )

I think so too. Did you check your log to see if ActionMailer puts
anything there?

Strange, i was abandoning the idea altogether, but went back changed my
code to give you the output you asked for, and worked. No clue
what changed. Thanks for your help or i may have never tried again. So
it turns out that you can send email from the recieve(email) method of
your mailer after all.

But for some reason both ways of sending email end up sending multiple
emails instead of just one: ... Any clue why?