Sending email with attachment

Hello, I'm trying to create a function to send mail with an attached
file. After an hour reading rails documentation and a few intents I
can't figure out this error:

undefined local variable or method 'attachments' for Emailer:Class

Here comes the code of the mail creation function:

class Emailer < ActionMailer::Base
   def Emailer.sendMailBCCWithAttachments(recipient, subject, message,
from, newsletter)
       attachments[newsletter.filename] ="#{RAILS_ROOT}/

         :subject => subject,
         :bcc => recipient,
         :from => from,
         :content_type => "text/html; charset=utf-8",
         :body => message,
         :sent_on =>

And here is how I use it:
# Create the mail
mail = Emailer.sendMailBCCWithAttachments(recipients,
newsletter.subject, message, "", newsletter)
# Sends it

Any idea?

Haven't used the 3.0 ActionMailer much yet, but the docs say that
sendMailBCCWithAttachments (and seriously, this isn't Java -
underscores FTW! :slight_smile: ) shouldn't be a class method, but rather an
instance method (lose the 'Emailer.' part).

--Matt Jones