send_data with jpeg not working

I'm a newbie having trouble using send_data to send a jpeg file to the
browser for display in an html img tag. This is the relevant code

def retrieve
  @photo = Photo.find(params[:id])
  send_data, :type => "image/
jpeg", :disposition => "inline"

def download
  @photo = Photo.find(params[:id])
  send_file @photo.abs_img_path, :type => "image/jpeg", :filename =>

In my html.erb file I have the following tags:

<%= image_tag retrieve_photo_path(@photo) %>
<%= link_to "Download photo", download_photo_path(@photo) %>

I get a broken image in the browser. I see the html src correctly has
the image tag <img src="photos/5/retrieve"/>. If I browse directly to
"", I just get the text "http://" spit back to the browser (I'm using
Firefox). The download link works perfectly, so I know the routes
work, the file exists and isn't corrupted, etc.

What am I missing with that send_data method? I'm using InstantRails
on Win XP, updated to Rails 2.3.4, Ruby 1.8.6. I've been banging my
head on this for a little while and I have a feeling I'm missing
something obvious...

A little more info now... when I simulate the img tag request by
typing into the browser, I get the
following line in my Apache access.log:

"GET /photos/5/retrieve HTTP/1.1" 304 0

whereas if I type in the url to one of my public images (
images/logo.jpg), the logo image displays and I get the following line
in the Apache log:

"GET /images/logo.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 30796

Clicking the download link (which is successful) produces a similar
access.log entry with status code 200. A cursory search on HTTP
status codes shows me 200 means OK and 304 means "Not Modified". Does
this have something to do with caching -- is Apache thinking it has
the requested data cached?

okay here's the solution (graciously provided by someone on --

I modified the retrieve action in my controller to use

def retrieve
  @photo = Photo.find(params[:id]), 'rb') do |f|
    send_data, :type => "image/jpeg", :disposition => "inline"