Self-referencing model

I'm fairly new to Ruby on Rails, and am having trouble figuring out how
to do this. I have a model called Organization. I want to set things
up so that an org can have sub-orgs (which can have sub-orgs

Can anyone point me to a good example or explanation (or provide one
directly) so I can get an idea of how to do this?


I've just been doing this myself with systems and sub-systems.

In the system model I have:

  has_many :sub_systems, :class_name => "System", :foreign_key =>
"system_id", :dependent=>:nullify

Then you can refer to the system.sub_systems

I also have code to prevent loops which will go around forever if you
traverse the system-sub-system tree.

def validate
    errors.add(:sub_systems, "Cannot be a subsystem of itself.") if

def all_subs(subs = [])
    self.sub_systems.each do |s|
      unless subs.include?(s)
        subs << s

Hope that helps.

Look into the :as and :source options for the has_many and belongs_to
associations, they should be able to do what you need.

Good luck!

I forgot this - you also have to have

belongs_to :system

Acts as Tree:

Does everything you need.