Selenium on rails rake test:acceptance firefox problems on mac osx


I'm using selenium on rails to perform my acceptance testing through the browser (which is working out okay). I'm having an issue when running test:acceptance with firefox as the target. It seems like the process just stalls (waits forever).

I'm running Firefox/ on mac osx (intel based). If I run the tests manually on firefox everything works no problem, its only a problem when invoked using test:acceptance. I'm already instantiating firefox (in config.yml) using a seperate firefox profile: firefox: '/ Applications/ -P selenium'.

I get as far as,

Starting firefox "/Applications/ -P selenium" "http://localhost:3000/selenium/TestRunner.html? test=tests&auto=true&baseUrl=http://localhost:3000/ &resultsUrl=postResults/firefox.yml&multiWindow=false" ^Crake aborted!

Any help is much appreciated.