Selenium and Rails

I have only used the IDE and then ported that to core for testing in

I ran into issues with AJAX more than anything else. So, I have an
AJAX call that dynamically updates a list. There is a trick to use
waitforcondition where you can insert javascript. In this example, the
country lists is seletected and then updates the holidays. Then the
script will wait for the word "Boxing" to be populated before going

view code contains (which updates the holidays[] field through a
partial render in the ical_events action):
           <%= observe_field :holiday_selected, :frequency=>0.5,
{:controller=>'event', :action=>'ical_events', :only_path=>false},
           :with=>"'holiday=' + encodeURIComponent(value)" %>

test code contains:
  <td>label=Australian Holidays</td>
  <td>var value = selenium.getText("//