Select Helper

I commonly create helper function to make <select> tags with pre-built options so I can just do something like:


to generate a dropdown of values in my views. The helper function already knows the options to choose from. I usually make three different versions of each select helper. For example:

* region_options_for_select(selected=nil, options={}) * region_select_tag(name, selected=nil, options={}, html_options={}) * region_select(object, method, options, html_options={})

This API is meant to mimic the Rails select helpers. It gives me just the options if I want a custom <select> tag, or it can give me the select tag, or it can work of an object and attribute.

I have many of these and I want to dry up my code. For the most part the only difference between all my select helpers is the XXXX_options_for_select() method which actually defines the list. For example here is a following sample implementation:

Frederick Cheung wrote:

Do you get this error when you call select_helper (where are you calling that) or when you call the methods you have defined (and where do you call those ?)

I get the error when I call the methods defined. I call them from a view.