Select for boolean attribute

I would like to use a select box to display and edit a boolean model
attribute. I realize that perhaps checkboxes or radio buttons are a
more idomatic way to do this in html but I would like to use a select

What I want to do is to map the selected value in the box to the
existing value of the attribute when the form displays. I am having
trouble figuring out how do to this and the examples I can find are
not explicit enough for me to discern how this is done, or if it is

I have discovered that if one prefaces the select with the form
partial variable 'f' then one gets a series of obsure errors about an
undefined 'merge' method, while removing this and going with a bare
select call avoids the problem and otherwise seems to work. Odd, but
there it is.

Consequently, presently the structure looks something like this:

   </b><br />

            <%= select :is_invoicable,
                ['Yes', 'true' ],
                ['No', 'false' ],
              {}, # select options
              :id => 'select_is_invoicable',
              :size => 1,
              :title => 'May invoices be issued in this currency?'

What I want to accomplish, of course, is to have the current value of
is_invoicable (true or false) used to set the selected attribute of
the option to either Yes or No as appropriate. I nonetheless want
both options available in the drop down. I cannot seem to hit upon
the exact syntax to do this and the examples in the options_for_select
api do not provide me with much guidance. From them I gathered that
this would work:

              currency_detail.is_invoicabe.to_s, # select options
              :id => 'select_is_invoicable',

But that produces this in the view:

            <select id="is_invoicable_YestrueNofalse"
               <option value="false">false</option></select>

When what I was looking for was this:

            <select id="select_is_invoicable" name="currency
[is_invoicable]" size="1"
                      title="May invoices be issued in this
               <option value="true">Yes</option>
               <option selected="selected" value="false">No</option></

I would really appreciate guidance on how this is done.

If you're doing form_for something like this will work.

Of course, I'm using a

<% form_for(@your_model_here) do |f| %>
  <%= f.error_messages %>

    <%= f.label :is_invoicable%><br />
    <%= :is_invoicable, {"Yes" => true, "No" => false}%>
    <%= f.submit 'Update' %>
<% end %>

Of course, you'll need to add whatever html options you need, but
whatever the object's attributes are will be the selected value.

Hope that helps.

Yuck, I apologize for the horrible sentences in my reply... it is the
end of the day.