Segmentation fault while running tests for latest Rails 4.2

Hi All,

I am trying to build Rails from source for the latest stable
(4.2) version from the branch 4-2-stable; however I am facing issue while
running the tests.

I am getting a segmentation fault at ‘activesupport’ for
rake tests.

Has anyone already seen this error before? Can someone help
me fix this test-case?

The details of error log are as below:

Platform I am trying on: Ubuntu

Rails Version: 4.2.3

Ruby Version: 2.2.2 & 2.1.6 (on both versions getting same trace)

Command used:

$ bundle exec rake test --trace

In addition to the details above, I would like to mention here that I am getting this specific issue on Power system (ppc64le).

Let me know if anyone has seen similar problem.


Hi Meghali,

Please use the ruby-on-rails-talk google group or stackoverflow to post this question. This group is for the discussions related to the development **of **the Rails framework, not with.



I think that Meghali was in the right here. This is most definitely a core framework development question.

Thanks Rishav and Ryan for responding.

I am following up for this on ruby-on-rails-talk community as well as on stack-overflow already.


Hi Meghali ,

I was facing similar segmentation faults while running tests in the activesupport dir.