search function implimentaion with the tag name as the search box entry

hi ,

i have implemented search function which list out the streams when i
enter a string in the search text box.And here i am not using any
search button once i enter the string in the text box it will give the

Now i want to do the search function by selecting the params from the
dropdown box and using seach button.

e.g:i have two dropdownboxes one is for name another is for resolution
,i can select the perticlar name and resolution from dropdown
boxes,now i want to search for this two strings matched in the tables
called streams.
How to link this dropdown box params as arguments to the search
function written in controller and index.html.erb?
Can you give any suggestions?

take a look at my code;

drop down box creation in index.html.erb

Hi priya,

Hi i have a table called "streams" with columns "name" and

Using below code :

<select name="Interlaced">

using above code am creating dropdown box with fields "yes" and "no".
Here what i want to do is if i select the interlace field as "Yes" it
should be updated in streams table while i am entering new stream
details in stream table.