script/generate scaffold not generating controller

I must be missing something simple.
I'm running the latest edge rails, but was having the same issue with
a bit older version of edge rails too.

If I run ...

script/generate scaffold MyModel

... then it generates everything but the controller. Why isn't the
controller also being generated? If i put in the controller name like:
script/generate scaffold MyModel ThePluralOfMyModel I get wrong number
of arguments 1 for 2.

What am I missing?



I figured out my problem. I had already run script generate migration
CreateMyModel. When the scaffold script got to the point where it
creates my migration it broke ....
Another migration is already named create_klasses: db/migrate/
016_create_klasses.rb it never got to creating my controller. Removing the migration
made everything work and reminded me I need not create the migration