effects hate me?

Well, randomly things just don't work when I try to make a new web
thing work. On my new site, I have a div id="all" set to display:
none;, that should be shown when I click on this div: <%= content_tag
'div', '<u>Alternate View</u>', :onclick =>
visual_effect(:toggle_blind, 'all') %>

But clicking on that div does absolutely nothing. Any ideas? This
happens on a lot of my rails websites. And sometimes it's completely
random. Like toggle_blind might work, but toggle_slide won't, or vice
versa. Thanks in advance, the site is:

Bigger problems than that right now, I think :slight_smile:

Application error
Rails application failed to start properly"

Lol, no worries about that. it happens every five minutes. GoDaddy
doesn't know how to properly kill a fcgi process >_> It's not like I
get enough traffic to care yet, lol. One refresh and the page works

Sure it does; it makes Firebug display this error:

Effect.Queues.get(typeof this.options.queue == "string" ? "global" :
this.options.queue.scope).add is not a function
[Break on this error] 'global' : this.options.queue.scope).add(this);

If you're not using Firebug, this is probably a good time to start :slight_smile:

Omg thank you!