ScrAPI HTTPNoAccessError


I'm having some problems using scrAPI. I'm getting some HTTPNoAccessErrors on certain urls.

The program searches a page (List of films - Wikiquote) for all of the links on it that go to pages with movie quotes on them.

It then loops through the list, pulling out the details from each page using this method:

def self.scrapemovies     Scraper::Base.parser :html_parser

    urlarray = Movie.findurls

    moviescraper = Scraper.define do       process "h1", :name => :text       process "p:nth-child(4)", :description => :text       result :description, :name     end

    urlarray.each do |url|       fullurl = "\{url\}"       movieurl = URI.parse(fullurl)       data = moviescraper.scrape(movieurl)       movie =       movie.url = fullurl =       movie.description = data.description     end   end

This worked ok until it got to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 film) - Wikiquote which gave me the http error because it had a comma in the URL.

I wrote a little bit of code in the Movie.findurl method that just stripped out any URLs with commas or parentheses in as a bodge just to get things working, but I'm even getting the error on this URL: 27 Dresses - Wikiquote which is very odd, because it worked fine on the previous one which was : 25th Hour - Wikiquote.

I can't see the difference between them - I've tried manually visiting the page, and it's fine.

I'm assuming that I need to do some sort of cleverer parsing on the URLs (so that I can include the ones with commas and parentheses too).

Is the Scraper::Base.parser :html_parser line got anything to do with it? I couldn't get the Tidy plugin to work properly, but I'm not sure that it's got anything to do with the URL parsing anyway.

I'm totally stuck - thanks in advance for any help.


I should also add -

Before I got the findurl method to just strip out any URLs with non standard characters, I tried this line:


Which replaced the commas with the URL friendlier code. This didn't work either, nor did putting the whole lot inside a CGI.escape("")

The scrAPI documentation isn't particularly helpful in regards to what format the URL needs to be in.