Scopes with OR and AND optional chainity discussion

We have wanted similar, and resorted to getting where’s out of arel.

I thought about the following syntax:


Yes I think some chainity_operator method like you say, can works ok too.

I have raised a pull request which gets this started, though there’s feedback required for sure:

Maybe I've missed it, but how do you define precedence between the
usual AND's and now OR's? Chaining a bunch of AND's will always
results in the same result, but add OR to the mix and now you're
complicating things unless you're a lot more explicit with the

We're following to using disjunction on two or more chained scopes.
This scopes can continue use custom logical conditions. Normal would
be to use parentheses between on query.
In pro of DRY some cases we need use scopes conected as AND but in
another cases we need to use OR connections. Rails only do scope chain
with AND. Some times you need to rewritte a full functionality of one
or more scoper only for use OR connections.

Wow yep! I'hope this prosperes ... I'm not sure next step for
on RoR version.
Thanks Loz

I believe that the arel implementation leads to brackets around left
and right sides of the or. This can be checked by using my branch and
doing .to_sql on any scope chain produced.

Yes, I think so too