Schema.rb SVN or not?

Fairly simple one today:

Does Schema.rb belong in your SVN repository which all the developers
commit to? If Schema.rb is autogenerated which it claims to be, then
will running the Migrations on every (new) machine bring the Schema.rb
in the correct state?

Getting some conflicts now in Schema.rb when 2 devs create migrations
and commit / update with the SVN

I include it in the repo for two reasons: (1) the comment at the top of schema.rb urges me to include it in the repo; (2) I’ve never had a conflict on it, and I work on projects stored in both Subversion and Git repos.


That would be the #1 reason why you WOULD put your schema.rb into the
repo as if you are getting conflicts on this file that aren't
automerging, then you know that your developers are crossing paths on
the database and that might be something you want to catch early...

My 2c worth.