Scaffold Look & Feel Adjustments (CSS vs changing scaffold)?

Well that depends on how much you want to modify. If you're just
talking about table size, colours, etc, then CSS can do it all. But if
you want to completely alter the layout, then you'll have to modify
the views. I would suggest you learn CSS anyway though. It's not that
difficult (contrary to what some CSS specialists will tell you), and
it's very useful. Even if you do have to modify the views, you'll have
to do some CSS as well.
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In many cases, for a number of pages, all I need to do is:
1. Point it to nicer CSS
2. Ask it to use my application layout
3. Make very small changes but let it use tables

and most of it is taken care of.

These are usually for 'admin' like pages where you can add a few fields
as part of setting up and configuring, etc. Any proper page (an
important page of the app) that is accessed regularly is completely
designed from scratch though I use scaffolds initially for that too.

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