Scaffold generate field_text for decimal/float

Many people like me (from brazil) need support localized input numbers, what I did was use gems like delocalize or i18n_alchemy to parse localized numbers from field_text to database format.

Today firefox, chrome and safari support decimal places with i18n and validation using browser language configuration, safari needs step=“any” aditional property.

I don’t know how, but today we can use inputs like:<%= form.number_field :weight, step: :any %> so, if a user with portuguese language on browser enter with “1500,5” it is submitted as “1500.5”, and when initialized “1500.5” from html value property is rendered as “1500,5” on screen magically. Input number doesn’t support thousand separator that is a good thing and validate it as a bad number.

more details >> generate field_number for decimal and float types by lazaronixon · Pull Request #37377 · rails/rails · GitHub

It looks like that PR staled out of the funnel because y’all couldn’t come to consensus. I’ve commented on it to un-stale it – it would be great if you could pick it back up and get this shipped!