Saving url into database

Hi all,
  I have created a ruby script which scraps the video url from a
website I want to implement it in rails I tried to implement it but I
am unable to implement it it shows [[undefined method `save' for

Here is my controller code

class DevourController < ApplicationController
  require 'net/http'
  require 'open-uri'
  def index
  source =[]
     array =
    for path in 1..2
    puts "Currently Executing Page No:----#{path}"
    source = Net::HTTP.get('',"/#{path}")
   #puts html_tags
     html_tags.each do |links|
     videos << links if links.include?("/video/")
    #puts videos.size
    videos.each do |y|
    l << y.chomp('/')
    array << l
    puts l
    puts "Successfully Executed"
    #puts l
    puts array
    puts array.size
   puts "**********************************"
   #Executing The Links To Get The Video Links
  @original =[]
  array.each do |f|
  f.each do |url|
  puts url.class
  puts url
  @original << Net::HTTP.get(uri)
  puts @original
  puts @original.size

def create


Your @original object seems to be an Array instead of an Active Record object. So all you have to do is to loop through the @original and for each value save the data.